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Buy Tickets Now. The largest living land mammals, elephants are intelligent, social and vital to their ecosystems. Much of what scientists know about wild elephant behavior comes from African bush elephant studies.

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These things take time, you see. In fact, a team of vets with the zoo and the Ringling Brothers Center for Elephant Conservation inseminated Phoebe for the first time back in December Second time turned out to be the charm for Phoebe.

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The Asian elephant Elephas maximusalso called Asiatic elephantis the only living species of the genus Elephas and is distributed throughout the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asiafrom India in the west, Nepal in the north, Sumatra in the south, and to Borneo in the east. Three subspecies are recognised— E. The Asian elephant is the largest living land animal in Asia.

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Shop All Collections. Unfortunately, the Asian elephant is a considered a critically endangered species. Despite conservation sanctuaries and methods readily established throughout the world to protect Asian elephants, these beautiful creatures are suffering from a loss of their natural habitat as well as a heightened amount of illegal poaching.

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Elephants are an important cultural icon in Asia. According to Hindu mythology, the gods deva and the demons asura churned the oceans in a search for the elixir of life so that they would become immortal. As they did so, nine jewels surfaced, one of which was the elephant.

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Ready to get the lowdown on these gentle giants, gang? Check out our ten elephant- astic elephant facts! Asian elephants are slightly smaller, reaching 2.

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The elephant is one of the most easily recognisable animals in the whole wide world. African elephants and Asian elephants are true gentle giants. Many of us have seen them in zoos, and some of us have even been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them in their natural habitats.

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Elephants are interesting animals. Their size is awesome, and their strength is incredible. They are intelligent and affectionate beings. Amazingly, even with their large size, they can walk silently.

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Elephants are the biggest land animals on Earth and eat 50 tonnes of food a year. Here are all the elephant facts you've always wanted to know. By Jo Price.

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Asian elephants have long been important to humans. Whether it's their key role in the Hindu religion and culture, their longstanding use as beasts of burden, their slaughter for the ivory trade, or their current conflicts with the exploding human population -- elephants have always fascinated us. Elephants have been domesticated in Asia for centuries, bred to move people and cargo. In the past, wealthy Indians and royalty owned elephants, riding on their elaborately decorated backs on hunting trips into the bush.


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