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For years, Dr. The patient was John Wayne Bobbitt. Bobbitt, who was 26 at the time, claims he had been sleeping when his then-wife, year-old Lorena Bobbitt, cut off his penis with a kitchen knife in what would become one of the most notorious American pop culture sagas of the tabloid-driven s.

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Lorena claimed she snapped after being repeatedly sexually assaulted during their marriage. Lorena would be found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity for the malicious wounding charge, while a jury in a separate trial found John not guilty of the allegations against him. David Berman spoke to Oxygen.

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Having your penis chopped off isn't the best way to improve your love life, but John Wayne Bobbitt swears that was a bizarre side effect after his ex-wife, Lorena, chopped off his manhood 20 years ago this week. It definitely has not hurt my love life -- in fact, it improved it. John and Lorena Bobbitt had a volatile marriage.

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By Tamar Lapin. December 27, pm Updated December 27, pm. On June 23,Lorena Bobbitt, who claimed her then-husband raped and beat her, sheared off his manhood with a kitchen knife inside their Virginia apartment. David Berman, told the outlet.

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Lorena has just landed on Amazon Prime Videoand it really is a must-watch documentary. It reexamines the story of Lorena Bobbittwho became a worldwide name in after an incident with her then-husband John Wayne Bobbitt resulted in her cutting off his penis. Their attraction was said to be instant and they married two years later.

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John Wayne Bobbitt became a household name in the summer of after his then-wife, Lorena Bobbitt, cut off his penis while he was sleeping and later tossed it in a field. Surgeons were able to successfully reattach the organ after a grueling nine hours of surgery, but more than 25 years later, the incident remains one that Bobbitt and the surgeons responsible for his recovery may never forget. David Berman, a plastic surgeon with expertise in microsurgery, worked on Bobbitt as well and described getting a similar phone call as the one Sehn received early on the morning of June 23,according to ABC News.

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Panicking, she rolled down the window of her Mercury Capri car and threw the appendage on to a pitch-black grassy verge less than a mile from her home in Manassas, Virginia, US. His severed organ remained at the side of the road next to a 7-Eleven convenience store until police were dispatched to hunt for the missing penis, following a call from Janna. When detectives finally found it at around 6am, they raced it on ice from the nearby shop to the hospital, where urologist Dr James Sehn and plastic surgeon Dr David Berman performed emergency nine-hour surgery to successfully reattach it to John.

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The infamous severed member belonging to John Bobbitt took a strange journey to a 7-Eleven in Virginia before it was taken to a hospital in a paper "hot dog bag" early on June 23,according to doctors. Bobbitt arrived at Prince William Hospital quickly after he was maimed, with the help of a friend. However, his penis was not there. Lorena Bobbitt had thrown it out of a car window after driving away.

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On the evening of June 23,John Bobbitt was sleeping peacefully in his bed. That is, until his wife Lorena Bobbitt entered their bedroom and cut off his penis with a knife. The incident skyrocketed the couple to infamy as their trial made national headlines and aired almost continuously on CNN.

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John Wayne Bobbitt says when he woke up to discover that his then-wife Lorena Bobbitt had cut off his penis with a kitchen knife, he tried to remain calm and stop the bleeding. I went to wake my friend up to tell him to get me to the hospital. It was the early morning hours on June 23,


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