Does chelation therapy affect breast cancer

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Copper is a trace element tightly regulated within our bodies. Working against cancer growth or spread, improving survival, or working with other treatments or therapies to improve their anticancer action. Read more.

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Chelation therapy removes metals that have built up in the body. Its proponents claim that this can rejuvenate the heart and blood vessels, improve liver and kidney function, increase blood flow to the brain, and more. Chelation therapy is an FDA-approved therapy—for treating mercury, lead, and other types of heavy-metal poisoning, as well as for iron overload hemochromatosis and some types of anemia.

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There has been increased concern surrounding exposure to heavy metals due to the evolving understanding of their role in the development of cancer. This review highlights research related to the impact that heavy metals aluminum, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel and radium have on human health. Research was collected through PubMed, and it was compiled to assess the current knowledge of exposure sources, types of cancers induced and therapeutic measures for these metals.

Click on image for details. Chelates are used in cancer as cytotoxic agent, as radioactive agent in imaging studies and in radioimmunotherapy. Various chelates based on ruthenium, copper, zinc, organocobalt, gold, platinum, palladium, cobalt, nickel and iron are reported as cytotoxic agent.

Our doctors are expertly trained in the application of this treatment and can use it to provide a more stable environment in your body to fight off cancer. This regimen is part of a tailored and dynamic anti-cancer approach that has helped reduce the symptoms of cancer in a safe and welcoming environment. Chelation Therapy refers to the injection of chelating agents for the purpose of eliminating harmful substances such as heavy metals, chemical toxins, mineral deposits, and fatty plaques from the body.

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Privokzalnaya, 31, Sumy, Postal code Ukraine. The main results of histological and immunohistochemical studies presented in figures and text of this article. Breast cancer is the most frequent localization of malignant process in American women and women of European countries.

Chelation therapy refers to the injection or consumption of chelating agents for the purpose of eliminating from the body undesirable substances such as heavy metals, chemical toxins, mineral deposits, and fatty plaques. For example, in the arteries, the chelation agent binds to the calcium in plaques. Chelating pronounced key-layting agents are substances that can chemically bond with metals, minerals, or chemical toxins within the body.

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This is a non-exhaustive list of alternative treatments that have been promoted to treat or prevent cancer in humans but which lack scientific and medical evidence of effectiveness. In many cases, there is scientific evidence that the alleged treatments are not effective. Unlike accepted cancer treatmentstreatments lacking in evidence of efficacy are generally ignored or avoided by the medical community and are often pseudoscientific.

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Metals including iron, copper and zinc are essential for physiological processes yet can be toxic at high concentrations. However the role of these metals in the progression of cancer is not well defined. Here we study the anti-tumor activity of the metal chelator, TPEN, and define its mechanism of action.

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