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By Erin Porter. Berlin fashion encompasses a wide range of street styles with an emphasis on the original. Vintage shops cater to this market with lots of unique pieces from top designers to oddball one-offs.

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We are proud to introduce you to our VHS colour vision. This unique modulation pedal sports classic depth and speed parameters, which are further complemented with noise, frequency and grind controls, all giving you complete sonic freedom between Lo-Fi tape saturation and classy glassy warbles. The familiar Depth and Rate controls will take you from shallow shimmers and subtle widening, all the way to deep mesmerising chorus tones and fast Leslie-like spins.

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Although I have 10 years of thrift shopping experience to fall back on, I honestly believe that anyone interested in learning how to thrift can pick up the tricks fast and be a thrift pro in no time. Have a question or comment on how to score more vintage fashion? Say hi to me on FacebookTwitterInstagram or by sending me an email!

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Can you do hotline bling as a 50's hit? Getting some Bongo Bongo vibes from the entrance to the temple Awww Poki why are you so scared?? Hi, I love you videos and actually got into digital art because of you and adobe sketch was one of the first programs I used on my phone like a made woman Anyways, I thought you'd like to know about features I found later after using adobe sketch a lot more About the limited amount of brushes for adobe sketch, if you click the plus button below the eraser, it brings you to a library 19 other brushes plus if you really want you can import brushes To undo you swipe left with 2 fingers to redo you swipe right with 2 fingers And for the watercolour brush, I don't know how useful this is, but if you turn down the flow of watercolour brush it's easier see the colours bleed into each other until you dry it with the fan underneath the tool selection Gay ponyplay From personal experience, boob level is better than butt level - especially if Indian food has been involved I'm thinking of getting Han a She-Hulk t-shirt Now I need to be serious for a moment - the mayonnaise-rice combo HAS TO GO!!!

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Cupcake or cheesecake? Don't ask more questions and crack for this two Anglo-Saxon pastries! On one side the cupcake, this little cake with various toppings and boundless decors.

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The book has ten base patterns with several variations of each, as well as suggestions on how to further change things up using other pattern pieces that come with the book. The styles included have the fresh and modern look that Named is known for. In sewing the patterns, I felt a bit frustrated by the instructions.

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The Atlanta-based fashion designers of his and her clothing lines share their insider secrets about their favorite hobby: scouring the world for the very best in vintage shopping. As told to Sasha Levine. ANN : Everyone says this, but you have to be prepared to look. You really have to be in the mood to dig—and you can usually tell pretty quickly if you are, or not.

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