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The A. Club recently spoke with Peterson about the many ways Elvira has been marketed over the years, for better and for worse. It may even be more open at the chest, if you can believe that.

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Once the Elvira character took off, Peterson quickly demonstrated her business acumen. She owns her Elvira character percent: so, all calendars, pinball machines, films, books, etc. Cassandra Peterson actually gained experience prior to Elvira with The Groundlings, the famous Los Angeles improvisational group.

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Elvira's Movie Macabre or sometimes simply Movie Macabre is an American comedy television show that airs B-grade horror movies, occasionally interrupted by comments from the hostess, Elvira played by Cassandra Peterson. In some episodes during intermission, Elvira would get an unexpected phone call from a character called "The Breather" played by John Paragon who would only call and tell Elvira weird jokes. The title shown here is the title under which the film was shown on the show; many B-grade horror films were rereleased with different titles.

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She's the "Queen of Halloween. She is, of course, the iconic Elvira. Starting with Elvira's Movie Macabre, where she poked fun at old scary flicks and at herselfPeterson has brought the magic of Halloween and her campy blend of classic Hollywood fun to the masses for decades.

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Sign in. Watch now. This is a sort of vanity project, but what do you expect from something featuring Hugh Hefner?

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Eyes that look like heaven, lips like sherry wine That girl can sure enough make my little light shine I get a funny feelin' up and down my spine 'Cause I know that my Elvira's mine. Tonight I'm gonna meet her at the Hungry House Cafe And I'm gonna give her all the love I can She's gonna jump and holler 'cause I saved up my last two dollars We're gonna search and find that preacher man. Occupation Actress and TV hostess.

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I was in second or third grade and I came home from that movie and had nightmares every night for a month. But at the same time, I was obsessed with it. I started looking around newsstands for magazines like Famous Monstersand pretty soon, when my sisters were begging for Barbies for Christmas, I was begging for model kits of The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein and Dracula.

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Elvira is retiring as a live performer after nearly fifty years in the entertainment industry, according to The Gazette. She's set to appear in her final show at Knott's Berry Farm, where she's been headlining Halloween performances for 21 years, on Tuesday. Although she's through with on-stage performances, the queen of Halloween isn't hanging up her sexy black gown for good just yet.

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Top definition. Elvira unknown. She is an awesome and happiest person.

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The alter ego of Cassandra Peterson, Elvira sprang onto the scene in the early 80s, hosting late night horror flicks for a Los Angeles-based television network. It wasn't long before she busted—hold on to your butts; that won't be my last terrible pun, I promise—onto the national scene, her signature cleavage-baring dress and snarky, innuendo-laced commentary catching on with the public in a big, bosomy way. With her flagrant sex appeal and snappy zingers, it's no wonder she became a household name.


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