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The series was produced by RDF Media. Ladette to Lady was cancelled by ITV on 11 Aprilbut returned in Junefeaturing Australian, rather than British, ladettes; the series featured the original staff and school. However, instead of Eggleston Hallwhere all the other series have been featured, this series is based in Hereford Hall.

It had seemed such a good idea at first: my mother was at her wits' end with my behaviour, and the ITV reality show Ladette To Lady was looking for errant young women to reform. The idea was that a group of us would be subjected to the rigour and discipline of a traditional ladies' finishing school. I thought it was all great fun — like a celebrity going into rehabilitation. And I was perfect for the show: a year-old hairdresser with a taste for revealing clothes, dyed red hair and the proud boast that I could drink a pint of lager quicker than any man.


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