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All week long at the Miami Herald, there had been a tremendous buildup to the big event. There had been meetings, phone calls, more meetings. I was a year-old summer intern at the Herald, between my undergraduate and master's years at Northwestern, and sports editor Paul Anger assigned me to write a sidebar on the visiting team.

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How was that to shoot? And how did having an intimacy coordinator on set impact the situation? Yeah, I think she had to review every single penis before putting it on the show.

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Making the choice to bond with the naked elderly men at the gym is a big decision, and one that rookies are always sure to bungle. Here are the seven mistakes every first-timer makes when trying to fit in with the nude old men watching MSNBC in the locker room. But hey, keep your chin up: When the nude old men finally take off your towel and each give you one silent nod in unison, all that towel time will feel totally worth it. Assuming that all of the nude old men are there because they worked out: It may seem like a safe bet when you only know the naked old-timers from afar, but assuming that all of the guys huddled around the TV are there because they just wrapped up a workout is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

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Advice from three of our guy friends. Or what about at the urinal? Straight Married Guy Fred : Nope.

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Space can get really tight—recently, it was so crowded that a man who was crouching down to get his stuff out of one of the lower lockers squatted his butt on my water bottle that was sitting at the edge of the bench. Sometimes a particularly good-natured patron will remark on how it always seems that you return to your locker at the same time that a person using an adjacent locker to yours does, no matter how empty or crowded the locker room is. But maybe also there is something to general rules of space-filling yielding to clusters of people who roughly enter and exit the gym at the same time.

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My wife and I along with our 4 kids visited this place a couple of days ago. It was our first time So it actually sort of basic, but really clean and professionally run.

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I have always theorized that older men were so much more comfortable with nudity because they were all in the military at some point and are just used to it. They also grew up in a time where it was not instantly assumed that two men naked in the same space must be gay for each other. I personally have no body shame and get naked as often as possible, but yeah, frequently the younger guys seem to be a little more inhibited than the older guys. When I go to the gym at the university where I work age 63I proudly walk around naked because that is the way it is.

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Most gym-goers have no qualms about showing off the bodies they have worked so hard to achieve. But just how much nudity is appropriate at the gym locker room? It is no wonder that regular gym-goers have no qualms about showing off the bodies they have worked so hard to achieve.

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Some people may feel slightly uncomfortable when entering locker rooms due to the stench of body odor or the unexpected surprises when you round the corner and see someone naked. This becomes even more awkward if the person acts like a nudist and begins to talk to you as their naked body shakes and giggles in places only lovers should witness. Other people, like myself, absolutely dread the locker room. No spa-like qualities or fancy bathroom fixtures will change my feelings toward the energy I feel when passing through the doorway and into a world that feels far too private to share with others.


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