Sexy sons hypothesis

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These males are called leaders. Other calling males neighboring the leading male are called followers. Although the female preference for leaders has been studied thoroughly, its evolutionary origins are unknown.

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It postulates that females choose partners irrespective of their value as a husband because of their physical attractiveness. However, having good genes is not just a matter of success in attracting a mate. Physical attractiveness is not a predictor of long life or good health.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content. In polygynous mating systems, the female preference of apparently useless or deleterious male characteristics can be understood if a correlation between preferred male characteristics and direct benefits for the female exists see polygyny threshold model, e. View PDF.

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Jumping spiders have a strange, staccato dance that looks suspiciously good when put to the tune of YMCA ; stalk-eyed flies, as the name suggests, carry their eyes on the ends of enormous stalks by blowing up their faces ; and peacocks make it nice and easy for predators to spot them with those gigantic, gaudy tails. Male stalk-eyed flies carry their eyes on the end of enormous stalks. And, looking through the traditional lens of natural selection, it certainly seems like a puzzle.

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Sign in. Abstract: According to the original "sexy son" hypothesis, a female may benefit from pairing with an already-mated male despite a reduction in fecundity because her sons inherit their father's attractiveness. We used data from a long-term study of collared flycatchers Ficedula albicollis collected during 24 years to test this prediction.

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The sexy son hypothesis in evolutionary biology and sexual selection —proposed by Ronald Fisher in —states that a female's ideal mate choice among potential mates is one whose genes will produce male offspring with the best chance of reproductive success. This also implies that a potential mate's capacity as a parental caregiver or any other direct benefits the father can offer the mother, such as nuptial gifts or good territoryare irrelevant to his value as the potential father of the female's offspring. Fisher's principle means that the sex ratio except in certain eusocial insects is always between males and females, yet what matters most are her "sexy sons'" future breeding successes, more likely if they have a promiscuous father, in creating large numbers of offspring carrying copies of her genes.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Slightly Blighty. A team of psychologists from Oakland University in the United States have just published new research which reveals that psychologists might be able to predict what kind of man a woman is more likely to achieve an orgasm with.

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The sexy son hypothesis of evolutionary biology was first proposed by Patrick J. Weatherhead and Raleigh J. Robertson of Queen's University in

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Credit: Doug Cornwall, University of Utah. Social competition among mice cause mothers to give birth to sexy sons who smell great and die young. This is one of the first studies to demonstrate epigenetic effects contributing to increased mating success in offspring, report biologists in a paper published in PNAS Early Edition. Epigenetic effects are inherited changes in gene activity not caused by alterations in the DNA sequence.


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