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If it's not touching the bowl, it's touching the water. Public toilets? Boxers are too loose, briefs are too tight not to mention they can stretch into uselessnessand the waist-to-crotch ratio has to be just right.

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Once again, Jon Hamm and his not-so-little buddy have made headlines. The Mad Men star has been rumored to be well-endowed, and sometimes his package appears visible through his pants. Hamm recently caused a stir when he stepped out in Los Angeles with an obvious bulge.

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January 06, 10 Comments. Something I never thought could be an issue when looking for underwear was penis size. So now, with this knowledge under my belt, let's talk about how to know whether or not you have a Big Bratwurst, or a Tiny Todger. Why yes, we did have a lot of fun with those nicknames.

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If you're using the Reddit app leave community info and type 'Flair: Example ' into the search box to search by flair. Frequently Asked Questions. Please don't ask what the average size is, if you have a big dick, if you belong on big dick problems, how to measure your penis size, if your penis has finished growing yet, or how to set your flair.

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The size of your underwear goes beyond the measurement of your waist. Choosing the correct pouch design for your junk will improve your underwear experience, giving you a comfortable fit and boosting what you have naturally. The worst pouch will be completely flat, leaving you squashed, no matter what your dick size.

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While a lot of men might wish they were well endowed, there are some downsides to having a big package that you might not realize. One of the most common of which is buying underwear. You see, most underwear is made for the masses.

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The key design addition that makes these pairs of underwear so perfect for a big dick problem is the strapless pouch. Able to offer comfort, support and freedom all at once, this roomy little resting place slips around and holds your package with an astonishing ease and comfort. Gone are the days of smashing down everything into underwear or figuring out which leg in your boxers it will have to hang with — the pouch totally surrounds your manhood and lets it swing about like it was meant to.

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Do you need big penis underwear? We've got Big Dick Solutions. Having a big penis is great!

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