Battling homosexual attraction

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Is there any way I can overcome my life-long struggle with same-sex attraction? I've tried to resist, but it seems inevitable that I will eventually act on these feelings. What should I do?

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When the eremitic monk and reformer Peter Damian cast his critical gaze upon the Catholic Church of the mid-eleventh century, he encountered a panorama of corruption that would have appeared daunting even to the most hardened observer of the modern ecclesiastical scene. Bishops and priests were involved in every kind of immorality, publicly living with concubines or illicit wives, or furtively engaging in homosexual practices. Many had purchased their ordinations and the lucrative benefices that accompanied them, and spent their free time in scandalous secular amusements.

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Same-sex attraction refers to emotional, physical, or sexual attraction to a person of the same gender. The experience of same-sex attraction is not the same for everyone. Some people may feel exclusively attracted to the same gender, while others may feel attracted to both genders.

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Smith, 58, who says he believes homosexual behavior is wrong on religious grounds, tried to tough it out. He spent 17 years in a doomed marriage while battling his urges all day, he said, and dreaming about them all night. Smith said in an interview at the house in Bakersfield, Calif.

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This resulted from the fact that I felt same-sex attraction and acted on it. I wondered if I could ever be free of the bondage I was in. I joined the Church at age 21 and was an active member until I started acting on the confused feelings I had experienced for many years.

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His brief remarks were very compelling as he challenged the assembly on their approach to the Christian doctrine on marriage. Is it good news for the world? This clip of Sam's remarks went viral, and within hours people around the world were sharing and discussing his bold and powerful witness:.

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Ego-dystonic sexual orientation is an ego-dystonic mental disorder characterized by having a sexual orientation or an attraction that is at odds with one's idealized self-imagecausing anxiety and a desire to change one's orientation or become more comfortable with one's sexual orientation. It describes not innate sexual orientation itself, but a conflict between the sexual orientation one wishes to have and the sexual orientation one actually possesses. The WHO diagnosis covers when gender identity or sexual orientation is clear, yet a patient has another behavioural or psychological disorder which makes that patient want to change it.

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Being gifted musically with the ability to play the piano, I found a place to serve at a very early age. I also struggled with same-sex attraction — homosexuality. Imagine my horror when, at 10 years of age and already knowing my struggle, I overheard the men whose image God had been built in my mind begin discussing homosexuality. Mind you, these were men I had been shaped by and taught by since my earliest recollections.

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Yet surveying the various panel discussions left me confused. Gay people were once policed as criminal subversives, depicted in the popular culture as deviants, and pathologized by the medical establishment as mentally ill. Now most of America views homosexuality as benign.

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I have struggled with homosexual temptation most of my life. By the grace of God I have always been celibate but the struggle for me has been intense. Sadly, the battle was also with my own denomination. In my 22 years as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


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